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Cams no money involved

The citizen thinks the officer has been abusive, and perhaps she has by the standards of the individual aggrieved or by those of the community of which the individual is a part.

But if the officer is acting precisely as she has been trained and encouraged to act, she is not apt to alter her conduct regardless of whether she is being filmed.

Maybe, he mused, his officers “were doing the right thing in the first place.” The cameras did not deter misconduct because there was no misconduct to deter. But even Chief Newsham doesn’t really believe this, or else he would not have been so surprised at the results.

Apparently, no one has considered the possibility that the police in DC, like in most cities, are doing That is, body worn cameras detect police doing their job.

And because they are convinced the abuse occurs, they are at a loss to explain the results.

Of course, Chief Newsham offered one possible explanation for the non-results.

Keep up with this story and more The research team conducted a methodologically rigorous, randomized trial involving officers with the Washington, DC, police department, one of the largest departments in the country.

We are only surprised when the footage shows something we don’t expect, like a random number of people whacking poor Fido across the head.The researchers examined the effect of BWCs on four “outcome categories,” including the use of force, citizen complaints, routine patrol activity, and judicial outcomes.The entire study is worth reading in detail and can be accessed here.More than 95 percent of the departments are either committed to the cameras or have already begun to use them.Only 4.5 percent said they either do not intend to use body cameras or chose not to go forward with the technology after completing a pilot program.

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Once again, it is the story within the story that matters most.