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With more than 20 obelisks, huge and ornamented with the name and the history of Ramses II, Tanis is a very interesting location to study ancient Egyptian obelisks.

The Grand Mosque of Zagazig Zagazig is also featured for having one of the most remarkable Islamic monuments in the Nile Delta; the Grand Mosque of Zagazig.

With the population of the city estimated to be more than one million and a half inhabitants in the statistics carried out by the Egyptian government in 2010, Zagazig remained as one of the largest and most important cities of the Nile Delta, together with Mansoura, Tanta, and El Mahala, Zagazig.

The Foundation of Zagazig Mohamed Ali Pasha, the founder of modern Egypt, founded Zagazig in the 19thcentury, as he wanted to dig canals for irrigation in the Eastern section of the Nile Delta in order to cultivate more lands to enrich the whole Delta region as a whole.

Different vendors and other people followed the workers of the barrage and stayed in this new location.

Many fishermen came to live in this new place as well and they started to catch a new distinctive type of fish that was only found in this area and it was called the Zegazeegy fish.

However, no scholar was ever able to find a solid concrete evidence to prove this historic fact The Historical sites of Zagazig and Sharkeya Zagazig, and the governorate of Sharkeya in general, the same as many other regions of the land of the Nile, enjoy hosting many interesting historical sites. Situated only 70 kilometres to the North of the city of Zagazig, Tanis is the most important historical site in the Nile Delta.

Tanis is the Greek name of the city which was the capital of the Egyptian kingdom during the reign of the 22nd and the 23rddynasties.

This temple was constructed by Ramses II; the most famous builder of ancient Egypt and the founder of many fabulous temples all around Egypt like the Temple of Abu Simble situated to the South of Aswan and the hypostyle hall in the Temple of Karnak and a large number of huge statues of himself and the king Amun.

With a few years passing by, the lands of the city started expanding and this whole new administrational hub became bigger and bigger when tradesmen, various craftsmen, and manufacturers started residing in the new city and establishing their new businesses there.

After the creation of the railway station in Zagazig at the end of the 19th century where trains used to travel, on a regularschedule, from Zagazig to Cairo to the North, Mansoura and Suez to the West.

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This includes the huge granite gate, a number of large statues of Ramses II, the builder of the temple, a statue of a sphinx, and there is also a large sacred lake, the second largest in Egypt, after the famous sacred lake of the Karnak Temple in Luxor.