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A tender kiss from a dead French sculptor proves that the Elgin Marbles belong in the British Museum and not in Greece, the institution’s chief has said.Hartwig Fischer, director of the museum, has cited the inspiration taken by Auguste Rodin...If you would like to learn more about Behind Our Eyes, or if you would like to make a donation, please visit our website at I hope those of you that were affected by the hurricanes and wildfires that have destroyed much of the United States are, with the help of others able to rebuild or find safe homes.

Writers must disclose their disability in their biography or in their work.An ally of Jeremy Corbyn has quit Labour’s frontbench after speaking out beyond his brief to propose doubling council tax for high-value homes.Chris Williamson, 61, the MP for Derby North, is a staunch left-wing party figure...Military chiefs have drawn up a plan to cut the armed forces by more than 14,000 and combine elite units of paratroopers and Royal Marines to save money, The Times has learnt.The three sets of proposed cuts presented to Gavin Williamson when he took over as defence secretary from Sir Michael Fallon can be revealed...

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  1. He was a six-foot-tall father of two who was working full-time and completing his Ph. (If you just read that and wondered how in the world he found the time to date on top of this, you’re already one step ahead of me.) It took us two weeks to find a vacant spot in our hectic schedules to meet for tea. Ronaldo was a great listener, he smelled like peppermint. On our third date, however, as fate would have it, both of our sitters called in sick. But then he found a play date for his son, and we decided to take the girls out for ice cream, the four of us.