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This means that you love every single part of them, even the parts that used to make you jealous.

The jealousy that you feel in a relationship is different than the envy of everyday life, such as your friend getting a good mark on an exam or your sibling getting a new car.It’s important to note that these questions do not only apply to those who wait until marriage to have sex, but to non-waiters as well.I invite anyone with further questions to leave a comment and those questions will be addressed in a future article (or as an update to this page).Very simply, from what I have seen, jealousy stems from a type of greed and insecurity.The greed comes from wanting your partner to be “yours” and only yours. The insecurity stems from fear of being compared, fear of losing your partner, fear of not being good enough for your partner, and more.

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Based on what I have seen, people who can talk about sex freely with their parents (or an equivalent authority figure in their life) generally do not have serious jealousy problems.

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