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As Angel Guerrero, a music mogul Lina sets her up with.They have drinks at the Marbella; she likes that he has his pilot's license, and it doesn't hurt that Rafael sees them together, but she imagines the way Xo would look at him and breaks it off out of compassion for Rogelio's ego.

During their brief time together, he gets hooked on As Justin Carruthers, a single dad she meets at the park, not that his backstory or situation matter because as soon as they meet him, everybody promptly forgets about the hotelier with a too-tight shirt and the overprotective cop with a thing for Christmas decorations.

Unless, in some freak telenovela style accident, she gets married and her new husband is murdered on the honeymoon.

Moving on, Xo and Ro’s relationship is steady…it has been for some time now, but this week we got a glimpse into how strong it really is.

Which, really, seems like a healthy kind of progress.

In the process of trying to live a normal life, Jane meets a dude at the laptop store, kisses a boy at the skate park (who turns out to be a creep, and Lina is fired for not intervening at the words "skate park"), notes the difficulties of dating while juggling an infant and grad school, and declares herself a "relationship person." This is probably true, but it feels a bit premature: even Alba won't let Jane give up on dating so easily. Hatch, a charming dolphin trainer Jane meets online.

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Poor Jane: it's hard out there for a lady with a baby, papers to grade, and a bout of writer's block.