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He wore over-sized glasses that reminded Clary of Simon at that age, and had brown hair and gray eyes.

Axl Rose and Slash at the forefront of Guns N’ Roses, it’s easy to forget about Izzy Stradlin. 16 in Peru, some fans of the band may not know how much of a key member the guitarist/vocalist was during his time in the band’s heyday (1985–1991).

You’ve gotta give Stradlin credit for sticking to his guns and not settling for a lesser payday than Rose and Slash are getting from the tour.

Now, Stradlin has done some gigs with the Guns N’ Roses since he quit in 1991 (sober and frustrated with Rose’s chronic lateness for shows and the Guns N’ Roses touring circus).

One night, merely days into their stay at Idris, Max, who was supposed to be in bed, saw someone scaling the demon towers that hold up the wards that protect Idris.

When Max told the others, they merely dismiss his claims, simply believing it to be a figment of his imagination, as they had other things to worry about.

Following this, Isabelle returned to normal life as best as possible, later finding Sebastian and aiding Jace in killing him.

Stradlin and Rose both grew up in Lafayette, Ind., and were buddies in high school, playing in bands before moving to Los Angeles and forming Hollywood Rose in 1983.

Finding out that they were going to have another child made Robert decide to stay and stop his affair.

Being the youngest in the family, Max had always been close to his older siblings, Isabelle and Alec Lightwood, and is even attached to his adoptive brother, Jace.

Young as he was, Max had always disliked being reminded that he was not yet of age.

He hated being overlooked or left behind during matters for the adults and that he cannot engage in the conversations all his family members discuss with one another.

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When the demons attacked the city, Max stayed at the Penhallows' with Izzy while the others left to defend the city.