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Online sex chat with girl without regist

According to the Protocols, the way in which the news is covered — which items are emphasized and which are played down — serve the interests of the media-masters, the Jews, and not the interests of the “Goyim.” Today, the Protocols are being practiced by an elite group of Jews who own America’s mass media.

If you hear of major corporations listed as owners of the major television networks with Gentile sounding names such as “General Electric” or “Westinghouse,” it is part of Jewry’s ploy to place a blindfold over the eyes of the Goyim.

CNN is a holding of Time-Warner, of which, the Jewish Bronfman family has controlling interest.

The Executives of NBC Universal, now a division of Comcast, is also, like its parent company, predominated by a cadre of Jews.

Roberts himself has acquired eminent “Jewish credentials” — being a graduate of the Jewish-intensive Wharton School of Business — and a winner of silver medals as a squash player at the 19 Maccabiah Games in Israel.

Time Magazine is also owned by Bronfmans’ Time Warner Corporation.

Newsweek and the Washington Post are owned by the Eugene Isaac Meyer “Graham” family.

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  1. Sinugo niya ako, upang ibalitang ngayo’y panahon nang iligtas ng Panginoon yaong mga tao na hinirang niya.” Saan nga ba daraan ang ilaw na padating? May kanya-kanya tayong listahan ng mga kasalanan – venial, mortal or grave sins.