The right stuff dating site reviews

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If its no strings youre looking for, this is the site for you. Lots of women on there, some get back to you some dont.

They must get a lot of messages so I dont mind waiting.

Im not sure if its for me as im more into the more ordinary stuff (curiosity got the better of me, I couldnt help trying it), but if I was in the mood for something more casual, it would be a great option.

But the fact I got here after some negative tries showed me that this site is above the rest & im pleased to have FINALLY found a hookup site thats gonna get me some poontang!

but not im realising the trick is to write make some kind of initial comment about the specific girl your messaging) now things are really taking off.

Wish I had joined when I first split up with my ex, all that time wasted on tube sites when I could have been doing the real thing...doh! It has some disadvantages (your inbox there get spammed sometimes), but what's good is unlike most of services HH has plenty of real women.

We do, however, ask for your co-operation if you're ever approached in a suspicious manner.

Our combined efforts are the best way to eliminate the few non-genuine users that evade the security checks that we carry out routinely on our database of millions.

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We treat such activity, which as you say is easy to spot but nevertheless frustrating, very seriously indeed.

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