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The Domestic Violence Unit is considered a "cross-jurisdictional unit" that handles certain types of civil and criminal cases involving domestic violence or threats of domestic violence.

The Domestic Violence Unit handles cases when parties are related to each other, including by blood, legal custody, marriage, having a child together, sharing a residence, or by a past or current dating relationship.

Civil cases heard by the Domestic Violence Unit include domestic violence protection orders.The Criminal Division handles most criminal cases, including felony criminal cases, most misdemeanor cases and certain traffic cases.Some misdemeanor criminal cases involving intra-family offenses are handled by the Domestic Violence Unit, which is separate from the Criminal Division.The District of Columbia has a unified trial court system that consists only of Superior Courts.Superior Courts have general jurisdiction over all criminal and civil cases, except for cases within exclusive Federal Court or United States District Court jurisdiction.

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The Probate Operations Branch consists of the Small Estates Section, the Decedents Estates and Guardianship of Minors Section and the Interventions and Trusts Branch.

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