Who is taylor swift dating december 2016 14 year old dating sites

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Who is taylor swift dating december 2016

Since then, they have been spending a lot of time together, reports indicate. According to reports, he even sent accessories for Swift's pets, considering the fact how much she loves her cats.

To the public, Hiddleswift went from two relative strangers to a super serious couple in a few clicks of a camera shutter.

But once Calvin made it onto Taylor's Sacred Insta feed, the jig was up.

Just look at them—cozied up, enjoying the beautiful sunny weather, indulging in the age-old pasttime of fashionable floaties.

(you know, the movie in which she plays Lautner's girlfriend) and just couldn't resist talking about the other half of Taylor Squared. Apparently they went by Swifty and Taylor, respectively, to avoid confusion on the set.

It's a great story to tell at your wedding, but unfortunately that never happened. For all intents and purposes, most people didn't realize that Taylor Swift and John Mayer were an item until she wrote that epic revenge song about him.

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Swift has taken some time off to clear her difference with her ex-boyfriends, Hiddleston and Harris, according to Hall of Fame Magazine.