Windows xp system event log not updating ben barnes and anna popplewell dating

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It's like it's set on some kind of a filter just to log DCOM errors. %Systemroot%\system32\config Rename all files in %Systemroot%\system32\config. Anyways thanks for all your some point a program has turn off some of the administrative (service) controls in the control panel under admistrative tools.reset these and the problem should be solved.

But -- I haven't set any filters, and even it they had somehow been set, I've set all filters to 'Restore Defaults'. Set the startup type of the Event Log Service to "Disabled", reboot. This problem is one of windows xp and pros problems Hi there petite1945, Any chance that you could do a step by step of what you explained?

As I understand (and from my experience), the Event Viewer (under the 'System' option) logs several types of Windows events; at least, that's what I remember from when it did work properly. Set the startup type of the Event Log Service back to "Automatic", reboot. kbid=172156Okay, I did all that, and the event viewer seems to be working like before as of now..the next time the evt files get corrupted, I guess.

Right now all my Event Viewer is doing is logging JUST the DCOM error entries. I wonder if evt file corruption is a regular feature on most XP systems, or if there's something which is hosed in my system..which case, it's probably going to happen again.

At least a quick test in Windows 7 gave high speed without any messages in the event log. SYS with build 5.1.2600.2892 on the yesterday's patch-day.

For example, the last event logged under 'System' was on December 24th. I seem to have solved the problem partly as of now; I cleaned up the entries through 'File -- Options', *but* I now find that all the Event Viewer is logging is a bunch of errors, ALL of which are related to DCOM being unable to communicate with computers on various networks which are either off or are not present (such as my office network; I'm currently at home).Only the case seemed to be fixed in this build.I don't think, that the limit will be removed again, as it is described as a "feature" at Microsoft (Link right, search for 4226). So I will still have work to do in the next time *smile*.Funnily enough, the 'Microsoft Sessions' seems to be logging okay -- it seems up to date; but none of the other options seem to be working, just as in 'System'. All of which seems to indicate that it's still not working properly. Disabled the service Cleared all logs (evt files)Rebooted and re-enabled the service-- still showing only those DCOM errors. are all set to "Restore Defaults", so I'm assuming any kind of filter is off.Sorry...maybe I'm making some kind of mistake in explanation.

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Is there any way of attaching a screenshot with my post? Basically, my issue is -- why isn't it logging normally? (BTW, I don't think they need fixing, they're just normal 'errors'.)Sorry if I'm not clearer. I understand what you are talking about, have the same issue as above with event logs but also have issues changing things like 'View hidden system files and folders' within the Folder Options section of the My Computer tools menu.